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Using a national network of 65 Stores strategically located within the bustling commercial centres of 34 different cities and villages, Handling offers our loyal clients a totally National footprint that's synonymous with the top products, on the very best deals, throughout every one of Mozambique's 11 provinces!


Outside of our extensive network of 65 Wholesale / Retailers, Handling supplies a unique Active Distribution Fleet composed of over 160 Sales & Distribution Vehicles that carry our products into the market 7 days a week, All year round! It doesn't matter how remote the place, our Active Distribution Fleet covers a cumulative distance of more than 10,000kms daily to ensure our loyal customers are afforded the best possible degrees of service, as well as the maximum access to a buying opportunity!


With our own Distribution Centres positioned in tactical regional locations, Handling procures and consolidates our product range to better ensure our nationwide network of stores is usually willing to serve our clients! With over 60,000sq/M of warehousing capacity across our locations, and also over 200,000 sq/m of prime yard space, we strive to make sure that our loyal customers are always delighted by their shopping experience regardless of whether they visit a stores, or if a Sales & Distribution vehicles brings our store for them!

Post by beveragesmozambique5 (2016-10-28 15:27)

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